Sunday 29 April 2012

The Friday

Still... jobless... its ok, just enjoy my day without job everyday. LOL Have a day out with bf again. Actually, because he wants to watch Avengers. Most of the time I was sleeping.. HAHAHHA Sorry the starting part was just too much of stories. But when the real war start, I didn't even blink my eyes. HAHA So so nice and funny! ok, that's not the whole point, so, dressed myself up and here we came to Pavillion. LOL

Always a happy girl! Jump at everywhere I like.

Outfit of the day: the Topshop bralet top! Love it! 

My favorite high-waisted leather pants from Forever 21
Black and yellow bangle from Janelle

Bf new pairs of love! =)

If you love flower headband, get it here,at Doi³.

 I have no idea what I'm doing. lol

Sorry, I always eat as rude as this,so just bare with me. LOL

 And then the bf said: "eh eh!!! why u finish all my subway!"
I'm so sorry that you have such a big eater gf!
 Lastly, here is my IC picture to show! Laugh or Don't Laugh, you decide. LOL 
Finally I got my courage to show it to public. haha but its ok! I got more ugly pictures than this!
Next time! next time! hohoho!

Thank god I've changed! Urgh!
not to say very pretty! but still appreciated! 
End here. XOXO! 

Monday 23 April 2012

Simple Chic

Is time to pump up some fancy knowledge into your brain by reading some fashion book. Actually I'm too bored, that's why I'm in the bookstore. LOL. But thank god I didn't waste my time in there. Cause I really learned some important tips. 
Poor Photoshop skills here, if you can see what's the mistake.

Simple Chic, teaching you how to draft, cut, sew the chic dress.
Loving the bf's look today. So simple yet fun. The pants and the shoes is the point!=)

With my current loves; multipurpose studded band from Doi³ .

So, this is my current hair color. Not as yellowish as I posted in my Facebook. Trying to fade off all the troublesome red hair from my previous dyed. And slowly make it to blonde. Blonde? really? people keep asking. Hmmmm, I'm still doubting whether should I.

Yea, the whole point is on my hand. What garment can you wear nowadays in this freaky hot weather? so why not cling on to more and more accessories on your hand. The gold color finger nail is my current beloved too! So easy to brighten up the whole look by sticking it on your hand with only 5 minutes! And it will stay for the whole week, also from Doi³ . Love it! Of course love the one with the pink pants too! LOL! I'm sure majority of the passer will think that he is a gay. But who cares, this is fashion. =)

Short Jeans is always my priority now as it will never fades in the trend.
That's all for today. simple and chic for this killing hot weather. 


Saturday 21 April 2012

Another Friday

Jobless now-.- Hanging out anytime I like with my lover. Today we went to KLCC just to watch a movie entitled, "We Not Naughty".. A very touching movie, but I still manage to hold on to my tears. Dressed-up a little, and we had a walk at the park. Today I had my super bulky hair style, the corn hair style. My bf said I looks like some african, LOL Kinda love it, but it is so hard to maintain! Whenever I go, people will tend to look at my hair like a weirdo. Guess they never seen such a long and bulky hair hanging around the mall. 

I set his hair! A little proud! =)))

A touch with my current love - Nina Ricci vintage sling bag.

Ok, he really got a flawless skin. Hate him! 

The bf's look. I got no idea what he trying to act. LOL

Yum yum.... This flower taste good! =)

End my post here. Life without job now is so boring~!

Friday 13 April 2012

It's a wrap!

 Never too late to love Gallo by Thian! 70% OFF everything in store at Gardens Mall. Love and support Gallo by Thian for the last time! It's a wrap now! Even though it is ended, but we will still keep it fresh and fashionable, just in a different space and time! So Team Gallo took the opportunity to have some fun by wrapping ourselves in bubbles wrap to commemorate the whimsical, fun and fashionable years of Gallo by Thian. A joyful farewell, why not?