Thursday, 18 February 2016

Questions about Me and Cole

If you follow me in instagram and facebook, you'll know Me and Cole often appeared together in a lot of pictures. Most of the people have a lot of curiosity about me and him. The most frequent question is about our relationship. and yasss we are just friend, 7 years of friendship, friend that talk east talk west... LOL!
End of story. So now read all other Q&As of us because we are curious about what we think about each other too haha :)

Note: Broken english are our slang*

How do you guys meet each other?
C: I was working as a makeup artist in a studio. And the photographer show Kittie picture and said she will be the one who doing our test shoot. And I'm like, "cannot!!"
K: Met because of a test shoot.

Why you want to do makeup for Kittie? And being makeup by Cole?

C: Because she got very big potential in picture and brings out the style that I want.

K: I love exploring different look with makeup during events! That's why I approach Cole to makeup for me for all events. I think he have damn big potential!

What was the first impression on each other?

C: Kittie very small, 19 years old, then she very dark very short hair vey long con very big, very different in the picture.

K: I'm afraid of handsome guy, and I very nervous because a handsome guy makeup for me hahahaha

What's your favorite makeup on Kittie.

C: The first makeup I did for u during Amber chia model search, and I was told that "I want very loud makeup"

K: Korean makeup look because I looks damn chioooooo!! Ok la I had too much unusual makeup la hahahha

What makeup do you think is the most "salah" to me?

C: can't think of any. I think most of it have it own specialty and concept.

K: I can't think of which one but sometimes I do doubt of some makeup that doesn't even looks nice in the picture hahaha

1 to 10, how u rate yourself ?

C: Mmmmm... Unicorn!!!

K: 8? Haha

What makeup do you haven't explore on me ?

C: Full body makeup!

K: I want to try Kim Kardashian bitchy look!
If given one more chance, will you choose to makeup for Kittie again? Or being makeup by Cole?
 C: Of course !!

K: Abuthen!!

What changes occurs after you guys meet each other?

C: She brought me to a different field/world and explore a lot in different work. I get a lot kind of makeup on Kittie also get a lot of collaboration with big brands and travel log.

K: He's a guy that full of thinking. He taught me a lot of things and he gave me a lot of ideas/ opinion in whatever problem I have! 

What do you guys hate about each other?

C: Mou shao Mei and she like to eat drop food on the table or floor.

K: Selfish!
What do you like about each other?

C: she's a very straight forward girl, and she alws follow the flow. she does not have any bad intention in whatever she do. I think she deserve the things she have it now. I think people treat her like how she treat people.
K: Sometimes I'm really annoy by his selfishness but he is just being straight forward. I told him and he really did change sometimes haha (just sometimes*) He do things he like he never let people block him from what he want. He have strong point of view. Humorous guy with a strong instinct!

What's the most mean word you ever told each other?

C: you are very fat!
K: you are very selfish!

What secret would you never tell me before?

C: I put the drop food on your plate.

K: I steal your lipstick.
Choose 1 word on describing each other?

C: Mei! (Pretty)

K: Big Man (Da Nan Ren!)
How do you see yourself in 5years time ?

C: A millionaire as a professional makeup lecturer and publish a makeup book.

K: More stockist of my brand around the world! have more and more makeup look to challenge myself!

How would your life be like if you guys never meet each other?

C: Before I met Kittie Im only a daily worker as a counter makeup artist. I will not be involved in social media/bigger world and I might work as a fix makeup artist under a big company for long term. 

K: I will not be establish or well known for my makeup and look. T.T I will not have a good advisor beside me. I might work slower than before.
How do you see each other in 5 years time.
C: An international fashion designer and label! And will be an icon, a lot of exposure.
K: a fat uncle with a lot of makeup on the face.

Choose 1 animal to describe each other?

C: Donkey, (short and stupid)

K: Wolf! ( hamsap! )


I was all alone at all events till I met him and there goes our friendship.
We are same same but not same lol

I'm thankful!
Lub u cole!

Ask me personally if you have more questions!