Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Babe Angelyne's Day

lazyyyyyyyyyyyy~ people like me shouldn't blog anymore..But I still insist to blog because I want to share my  my life photos here! =)) Here I start again, it was baby Angelyne 's birthday last two weeks! So she decided to have her birthday dinner with her sisters at this restaurant which called ROMANZA

The menu book.
Picture steal from the twins's blog. Duogigs.

The interior design.

Free cocktail drinks for us from the boss. =)

My birthday baby! muakmuakmuak! :-*

Berry's order. firework chicken meat. HAHAHHAHA
Just kidding, it's call Sweet Indonesian Soy Glazed Chicken Thigh.
taste not bad =)

Angelyne's Beef wellington.

Cherrie's Slow Braised Lamb Shank. 

My Confit Duck and Crepe. VERY NICE! =)

Cherrie and I.

Us =) 
Evangeline is not here due to she's still busy with work.

As usual.. keep cam-whoring! 0.O

Angelyne and Cherrie

Us. =)

me and miss cute cute Berry Bee
My eyes looks sucks that day. Urgh.. 

Baby Angelyne making wish..let me tell you what she wishing for.. 
She wishing for a 6 packs muscle man, and a 6 packs muscle man and a 6 packs muscle man.. 
HAAHHAHAHHAHAHAH Just kidding. lol
I think she is wishing for a better life? like more curvy body? yea i think I'm right this time. LOL

After the dinner, we came to Marini's on 57 to meet up babe Evangeline who just finish work.
It is a bar that located at 57th floor of KLCC. You can see KL's view from the top!
Best chilling place!!!

Berry the Bee.. search her in facebook if you like her. 

Babe Angelyne and I. muacksiiii the birthday girl! :-*

Hello handsome guy.. do you want to have some drinks with me? wink ^.*

With the pretty twins

Another camwhore session.
whenever I with her, we will keep posing and take pictures. 
That's our life. LOL lifeless kids nowadays....

Another cake blowing session.
To my lovely Angelyne Toh Toh. HAHAHAHA.
Sorry for always giving you such weird name on the cake..
I will make a better one next time.. like "angelyne the future Megan Fox" HHAHHAHAHHA

another wish again <3


Evangeline and I. she so fair~~~ 0.o

The cute bitch again! :-*

Outfits of the day. 
Chosen something simple to wear that day because I'm not in a mood to be dressy. 

When Berry scolding my babe Angelyne... HAHAHHAHHAHAHA
Her face turns evil! >.<

After the chilling session.
Playing with camera again.... >.<

No.. both of them are abnormal.. one is euro size and one is very skinny! 
But looks so cute together! hehe

posing session.

I was acting stomach ache. Lol

End of post! Here are all the babesssssss
Hearts themm~~~!!!!!

Lastly.. wish my babe Angelyne a very Happy Belated Birthday again!