Thursday 5 June 2014

Triangl swimwear

It's sunburn day! Most of the time I get question like "why are you so tan already?" whenever I meet my friends. babe, I am really playful especially under the sun, I'm feeling energize like a sunflower. HAHAHA that the reason. Don't ask me anymore. The other day I had so much fun with my friends at the swimming pool wearing one of my most favorite bikini from Triangl ! The bikini are made of neoprene which make how Triangl swimwear so special! It hugs on your body perfectly and all of their bikini colors are superb! 0.0 All girls should have an awesome bikini whenever summer is here! I'm in love with Triangl, hot sun, and water!!

I always imagine myself as a mermaid when I was a kid. and now I really act like one in the water.
HAHAHA I'm really a poser.

I believe I'm actually a sea creature because I Love water so much! Maybe my body is always feeling warm that's why I need to soak myself in the water. LOL

I'm a little happy kids! :-)

If only my legs are this long above the water T.T

Swimming with my friends. They are awesome!! They have endless joke whenever I see them.

Mr.Cole, my makeup artist who always make me looking fabulous.

Well I need another round of sunburn + water session.
Who with me!?

Happy Friday everyone!