Friday, 19 August 2011

An Early Gift

An early 21st birthday gift to my beloved boyfriend as requested from someone...
So babe, hope you love it!
More to come, ok? =)

Sunday, 7 August 2011


So sorry to tell that this was a late post again! I'm really so busy with my work! SORRY! It is 2.30am now and I am really tired but I must finish this post now! Two weeks ago, I attended to the X Top Model Search 2011 which was located at Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink. How cool was it right? It was so fun to attend to this event because I get to run in and out from the backstage and back to the scene.. Actually it was part of my boyfriend's show. He was invited to showcase his collection as part of the competition. So that's why i get to came to this event! yeah! 

It was a pretty organize event and was sponsor by tonnes of brands! =)

The backstage!

 Everyone is busy doing their preparation!

Fashion Tv was at the backstage having interview session with the contestants of X Top Model 2011!

Waiting for arrival of guests! 

Meet all the stunning judges !!

The Designer, Chow Yao Xian waiting for his turn to catwalk...hahaha

The designer and me! hahahah

The show started off with performance by the dancing group called ECX!

Model wearing Chow's outfits! Looking great!=)

Chow and Aw Sim Hui, one of the contestant! 

Chow outfits are shown on the third round of judging. Chow was also one of the judge for this round!
From left to right: Josephine Tan, Kim Low, Grace Chew, Leqa Natasha, Phoebe How.

All the model are looking great on the stage!
From left to right: Norainne Chung, Wai Yee Yen, Fancy Goh, Cassandra Patrick, Aw Sim Hui. 

Followed by Keith Kee's couture show!

Darren Lee! 

Damien that came after his gym session in Pyramid! LOL

Congrats to Aw Sim Hui! She is the winner of X Top Model 2011. 
She is only 19years old! How great is that!!!! 

End of the show! Overall it was a successful show!

Once again, congrats to Aw Sim Hui! =)
and all the contestant who did great too! Good job! =)