Tuesday, 25 October 2011

hairy moment

"OMG!? Did you just chop off you long long hair!??!?!" many people asking.. HAHHAHHA

Well, I actually wanted to learn Beyonce's hair in the "Countdown" video..Too bad! I tried! my hair is too long to do it !  Fine! I give up! I'll do it next time ok? for sure!! 

Look at her sexy lips..She was singing "i must be with YOUUU!!!~~~~~~~~" at this part.. HAHAHA
This was the hairstyle I was saying!

Then! I chop off my hair!!!!

OooopPPppsss.. I WAS LYING! I did not chop off my lovely precious hair!!
HHHAHAHA SORRY That I'm being playful! I will never never chop off my hair unless my hair is burn!

It was a wig! oh yeaahhhhhh~~~
I feel so cute with my wig! Oh pleasee... HAHHAHAHA
bare with my camwhoring...

Showing off my cute cute new ipad cover! Lovessssss

OK, enough with my short hair cam-whore! After trying this wig, I really prefer myself in long hair!!!
Even I want a short hair, I will just buy myself a short wig! Because I just love how messy and long is my hair..Muacksssssssssss 

Love my messy long hair! actually you can feel it is like a broom when you touch it! HAHAHA
Didn't do any hair treatment for like how many years already! OOPSSS!!! Shame on me!

Always prefer long hair because I can act SEXXAAAY!!!!! HAHHAHA 

Can even act younger with my hair braids too! I always wanted to be young! This is what I going to do when I'm old I guess?? eeewwwwww HAHHAA

Can act cool too! Oh gosh! I love rock style!!!

Found this picture in one of the fashion book! So cool with her heels posing like this! 

Trying to do!!! Before wearing heels.. can touch the floor with my balm.. 

After wearing heels... Only can touch the floor with my fingertip..hahha
It is so hardddddddddddddddd.......

stare at this picture for 10seconds pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!! 
HAHHAHAHHA Spoiled the feeling of the picture! ooppss!
Joined this two picture's with GIF already! HAHAHAH SORRY! It looks so funny! 

End with my lame-ness! 

Monday, 17 October 2011

A Visit to SUN-DUCK-KAN!

About 2 weeks ago, me and my bibi had visited my Sandakan babe's house..or i should say castle? decide it later... hahaha..It's actually for his sister's wedding! Yeah! Get to see the whole process of their marriage! So 7am is our flight which means we have to take the train to the KLIA by 5.30am! and depart from the house at 4?!

I totally looks like a zombie here...The consequence of sleepless night!!

About 3 hours later, we reached! look at his face and pose! 
Seems like someone is late to the airport to pick us up!!!
Getting his punishment later by the bi!! HAHAHHAHAH

After the breakfast at Sandakan, we then reach his house! oops! was too excited! Now only i found out that i forget to take a picture of his castle! Also forgot to take picture inside his house! DAMN!

OK! This is what i really won't forget to take a picture of! A visit to her sister's room! DAMN! Like seriously???? Every girl's favorite!! Kill me with all the bags here please........................0.o 

Well, her sister, Moon's wedding picture and miniature with 2 romantic swarovski champagne glasses!

Sasha's room! Everyday you wake up, you will only see the super gorgeous sexy glamorous curvy sultry Beyonce Knowles!!! Is like a dream come true when you wake up early in the morning! Dating with your hot girlfriend! YOU WISH!

OH MY! Got baby in the house??!?!?!! I got to say I love baby so much!!! She is Hailey! Sasha's niece!!
Super Cute! I love you Hailey!!! Sorry that I make you so uncomfortable with the camera! HAHAH

Then..........Sasha (who says that he was my angel haha) brought me back a pair of Loubies heels from Paris!!!!!!!!!! It feels so amazing to wear this.. omgosh! I LOVE IT! Non stop staring and walking around in his room! I am about to faint!!! Thanks angel S!

I got to say this trip was really hectic even this is only a small town(I mean not much place to visit?haha).. Because everyone in the house was busying preparing for Moon's wedding! This is why i didn't take much of picture! Sorry! but only camwhore pictures! muahahhahaha!!!

The next morning, Happy Tree Friends are heading outside to have fun!!!

Finally! SUNSHINE!!!! =))) 

It was another morning! Sasha decided to bring us to eat the famous preserved egg dumpling as shown in the 2nd picture at BULI SIM SIM (cute name huh?haha)!! and also the seafood kuey teow! Looks inside the spoon! It's a scallop! Their food will always be served with scallops! tasty!! Eating seafood and heavy meal in the morning is all their favorite and also their habit!! So you will see seafood and bah kut teh everywhere in the town!!!

I have to say this is the only place that are impressive to me! The Balin Roof Top Cafe! 
Sorry for the picture is blur!!! It was so windy at the night!! It was just the right place to chill after a long hectic day!

They even got a bed on the rooftop! Looks how chill is Sasha! haha! 

Chilling with Mango Cocktail and lime cocktail at the rooftop!

The amazing snack ever!! This pizza is real good!!! Words can't describe how delicious it is! 
I wish I can have some now!!! slurrrrp~~~!!!

Not to forget french fries as snack whenever you chill there!!!Served with Wasabi sauce! It was real good!! 

Tadaaaaaaaa!!! is time to go to the wedding dinner!!! 
GallobyThian's slit dress paired with Balenciaga green clutch and my new love Loubies!=)))
Oh well.. I got to say.... I did fell down once i reach the wedding dinner!Luckily not much people saw it! muahahhahaha!  It was too hard for me to walk on the road that  filled of stone!!! SHY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The groom and the bride is walking in! 

Moon and Lota! The lovely husband and wife of the night! 

Everyone in this picture is full of joyful! How happy to see this picture! =)))
Yammmmm Singgggg~~~~~~~ Wish the groom and bride live happily ever after!
Happy for them!!! =)

The 3 brothers Yam Sing session.. Sasha was so fail in these two pictures hahhaha... 
Somehow it looks like a cartoon! So funny Sasha!!!! LOL

Posing again after the wedding dinner!!! ahhahaaa...
Oh ya! Due to people are asking me whether it is a hotel staircase or what... I got to tell this staircase is actually in his house.. not the hotel staircase ok??

The next morning! The bride is waiting for her husband to pick her up from her house! 
Feel so excited for her!!!!=)))

Look at the crowd in the house! Waiting to get his wife on hand!!! kekekke!!

After some oath that had made from Lota, Moon's daddy is signing the contract and ready to pass his sweet heart to the husband! =))) So touching looking at it! Wish them live happily ever after!!!! Lovess!!

Meet the cutest Megan in the house! Love her!!!!

Then meet my cute cute Ah Bi and blur blur Sasha at the back! hahahhaa

End the tiring day with all these camwhore pictures! Muahahhahaha!

Then, guess I was camwhoring with a mannequin! No response at all! haha

Lovesssss Sasha!!!!!!

Well... we actually spend the last day in Sandakan to the nature!!! 
A visit to the Proboscis Monkey place!!!

Their habitat.. I wish I can live here! Definitely my place!! So that I can non stop running, eating, jumping, sleeping and keep on shouting! HAHAHHAHA

Feeding time!!!! We actually stood there for about 15minutes just to see them eat..Very lame! hahha


Then we saw cow!!!!!!! Trying so hard to take a picture with cows! HAHHAHA

Ahhemm! I actuallly heard what they say! hahhaha

OK, enough of lame-ness!!! Next we head to the RDC.. RDC stand for Rainforest Discovery Center..
NATURE!!!!!!! I LOVE GREEN NATURE and SUNSHINE!!!! Here got all kind of plants! If you like plantation! Pay for a visit when you are in Sandakan! A good jungle tracking for you to sweat and lose weight!!! Of course, nice air!!!!!!!

The gang! Someone is acting cool there.. Ahheemm..and spot the japanese wannabe behind! tying up his hair like a japanese Oh Pa with a stripy pants!! 

Well.. they called this the Hornbill Tower! We climb so hard going up just to see those birds! But no bird at all! LOL!Maybe they are sleeping?? Came down with disappointment! =( and tired!!!!

After that, we went to the Crocodile Adventure Farm!!! Look at all the lazy crocodile! Sunbathing everyday and waiting for food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds saying myself! hahaha

Well.. They got this freaking disgusted cat fish here!! Waiting for people to feed them too!!
and those pigeons are fighting for food with them too.. O-M-G!!!

Oh ya! they actually built a golf club in this crocodile farm! Look! they put a dead crocodile to decorate their land! HAHAHHAHA Creative sial! By the way.. I'm just lying! Hahhahahhaha Those are dirty algae river with a crocodile sunbathing there too! LOL!

Ok, summarize it!!! They actually have a lots animal in this farm too! Got the emo emo monkey la, the old old turtle la, the notty notty mole rats la, the fat fat ostrich la, the cute cute rabbit la, the long long snake la.. blablabla! see it yourself! haha

Guess where is this place!!! Pasar!!! but also their so called mamak!!! hahaha! They have lots and lots of super nice food here!!! Damn! I want to come back to you!!!

Last dinner at Sandakan! Got the super big prawn and crab!!! Forgot to take others.. LOL! This two was just amazing enough for you to see! haha Regret that I didn't take a picture with the fish! I'm miss the huge fish so so much!!!!

End here with my two big head boy! I definitely will come back to Sandakan!!! To have all the dishes! I MISS IT SO MUCH!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!! Of course, not to forget to visit the Sasha's castle agaiN! ahhahaha I LOVE! Looking forward to the next trip here again! =))) Thanks to Moon who gave us a chance to visit this amazing place!! Muackssssssss!!!!!!!!! and Sasha for being out baby sitter for 6days! I know you are stress enough!! AHAHAAHA! THANKS! MUAKS MUACKSS!!!!