Monday, 14 November 2016

UUCARE Sanitary Pads

Well... I have lots of epic moments when my period visits me. One of them that most happened to me the most is the blood leakage and I scared the hell out of most of my guy friend. How embarrassing can that be? Sometimes the blood that stuck underneath my veejayjay is kind of annoying too, it makes me feel too warm. I cannot stand the heat! I kept changing the pad so it will make me feel better. I guess most of the girls know how annoying it is and wish we could be a men during period LOL

Anyway, there's no way to change our sex but we can choose a better sanitary pad can be! I'm so thankful I get to know this awesome sanitary pad brand from Singapore, UUcare!

UUcare came in 3 ranges:
- UUcare Crown Anti Bacteria
- UUcare Cool Technology
- Young Girl by UUcare

I personally think that Uucare Cool Technology is one cool thing that every girl ever need. It has the cooling feeling during use and is soft as feather. Of course the coolness is subjective to our body temperature.

As for Uucare Anti Bacterial, it is their hero range and it is popular due to its soft cotton feeling on the pad surface. It is very comfortable and available at all stores!

Whereas the Young Girl by Uucare is their newest range targeting to young working girls who are not afraid to try new products and looking for a good quality pad at an affordable price! Worth trying!

Not forget to mention, the pad's surface is fully anti bacterial. It is non flourescent, no whitening agent on the glue so it’s safe. I think if a pad can eliminates odor it would be the best and one of the must have and most important is the gel within the pad gotta have the self-absorb function.

Love the small packaging that perfectly fit into my bag. 

Grab your UUcare now at your nearest stores:
Crown Antibacteria: Tesco, Aeon Wellness, Maxvalu, Mercatos, Jason’s Food Hall (Bangsar), Hero Supermarket
Cool Tech: Aeon Wellness

Young Girl: Giant and Tesco
For more info, go to UUcare Facebook: