Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hello...Can you tell this is me??? AHHAHAHHAHAH Sorry if i scared you!!!  I barely recognize myself too without double eyelid tape, eyeliner and mascara. This is my original eyes that makes me looks really poky and restless. Nowadays double eyelid is really a symbol for a pretty girl's face. Unfortunately I don't have it, I only have a slightly deeper eyes set than others. So if you don't wish to go under knife and surgery, this is the only way to make it, sticking the double eyelid tape.  So yea! Today I am doing a double eyelid tape tutorial which can makes your eyes really cheerful and bigger of course.  (OH YA! Don't worry about my hair, it is only a wig. HAHHAHAHHA just for fun.) 

hmhp! weird eyes!!

DING DING! Recommended double eyelid tape from Korea. Both side are sticky. Really sticky.
It is really useful and is not easy to remove from your eyelid. 

Firstly, use the eyelid stick to create a line roughly where you want your double eyelid to be at.
Oh ya, make sure your eyes is really clean and is without any make up or eye shadow.

Then take the sticker from the edge.

Stick it on the line which you just created just now, peel the paper out, 
and immediately fold your eyelids in by using the stick. Repeat it on your other side of eye.

Tadddaaaaaaaaa.....isn't it easy?  I'm done with it!
Can you see my eyes looking so much cheerful and bigger now?  =)
If you are wondering where the sticker has gone, it had hid under your eyelid already by now. =)

Final look with only casual make up. BLINK~!

Smile with confident.. Teeheeeeee =)

Recent instagram picture with natural look and eyelid tape.

Instagram picture with dolly look.

Once again, thanks to this double eyelid tape which is really a lot better than others that  I had tried last time. Read the benefit below:
1. it is sticky at both side and easily hide in your eyelid.
 (Normally you can only find one side sticky at outside which is easily revealing 
your eyelid tape after you make up.)
2. Easy to use! 
(as you can see in pictures, can done in only 2mins)
2. Recommended by most of my pretty friends. hehe(If you follow my instagram, you can see it )
3. Contain 132 pieces in one pack for only RM30.
(which is really worth the price than others!)
4. Pretty eyes like mine.(HAHAHAHHAHHAA... If you think I have it la.... )

That's it!! If you are really interested with this double eyelid tape, please email me at
Place your order now! =)

*Comment here too if you have any question. =)


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kittie's Birthday

Phuawahhhhh...Sunshine on my birthday whenever I go. God is good! Giving me such a good weather to have fun in Singapore. Ok, this post is all about my birthday trip to Singapore which had already been for a month plus. LOL look how lazy I am to update my blog. I apologize because I'm so busy working as a freelancer now. Earning fast money. LOL.

First of all... Happy Birthday to Kittie Yiyi, which is me! Lol -.-
Secondly, Thanks to the Boss, Chow, who sponsor me the whole trip to Universal Studio for 3days 2nights.
Thirdly, Thanks to two of my best friends in my life who celebrated with me in Singapore even thou they are so broke.
Forth, Thanks to those who are reading my crap appreciation notes now. LOL

Oh well.. The awesome swimming pool from our hotel view.

Another view from hotel.

The room view. We are staying at Festive Hotel which is one of four hotels inside Resorts World Sentosa.
Not bad huh? It/s really a good and nice place, sorry if the picture doesn't look appealing haha.
They have one Queen size bed, one sofa bed and one rooftop bed (sorry, I don't know how should I call that, which is showing at up right picture. lol) . 

And one more dark shadow view from the room. urgh -.-

Oh yea, this is our hotel room number. Bee said this number represent the 3 of us. 
"死三八" if you know how to read chinese. LOL

Ding ding! Here we are at Universal Studio front gate! So excited even before we got in! 

 Jump with all our joy! It's a day that full with joy and blessings !

My forever love. 

Happy 3 friends jumping and playing like they just came out from village.

Cause we love it so much! This is a MUST RIDE for all all all of you guys~! it is a super 4D ride. I bet you'll never ever regret to ride it and you will regret if you didn't ride it! I'm s-e-r-i-o-u-s. 

Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster. I forgot which is the best already, just take both of this oK? 

2nd stop at Revenge Of The Mummy.

Kiss kiss for the yum yum guy! Lol

Chicken dance in front of  mummysssss. HAHHAHA

My lovely boy and me.

Ok, this was the most boring train ride in mummy place. haha. Sorry to said that, Universal Studio.
Because it was meant to for CHILDREN la! HAHAHHA we took the wrong ride. LOL

Hello, I'm big boss of the day, it's my birthday! Moveeeeee everyone!
No wonder I get to play all the ride so fast on the day, now I remember! LOL
Is actually we got the express pass for ourselves. HAHAHA Not bad not bad. 

Jurassic Park.


Popcornasaurus. yum yum.

Here we get to our far far away land from Malaysia, away from the headache place.

Fairy Godmother gonna give you tons of your wishes! =)

way inside to the 4D movie! =)

Beach Party-Go-Round, ready to get wet here. 

All 3 hungry dinosaurs eating.. 

The Can Can Dance Performance.


Everybody queuing to take a photo with KUNG FU PANDA! 

Very cute panda!

A photo with the act cool bee. I wanted to introduce this ride! but I forgot what is it called! 
Maybe you should ask someone there. It was a place where is all about Steven Spielberg, the super awesome producer of all movies such as Jurassic Park, Empire of the Sun, Indiana Jones, The Terminal, etc. It shows all the behind the scene's equipment. It was really impressive! Please make sure you get in and watch and taste the super real scene!

Then my Boyfriend get invited on stage to sing "i wanna nobody, nobody but you!". LOL

The gang of B BOY!!!!!!!!!

Trying so hard to pose like a model. LOL

The boy meditating on the car. lol

Trying on oversize hats.

That's a wrap in Universal Studio! Overall is a fun day! 
I will never forget the transformer 4D ride! Will be back!!!!

Then we are back to the hotel again, preparing for my birthday dinner.
Birthday girl helping the queen to curl her hair, like a boss.
Look at her arrogant face, lol.

After the make up, that's why looking so fresh. Lol

The hottie babe.

It was 11pm after we done our make up, so this was the only nice restaurant, PALIO, 
that we can only find in Universal Studio. 

Ordered our very own dishes to eat. 

Look at my very big dish of pizza. I can actually eat a lot. No joke.

Hello I'm the frog's princess.
Playing with big head effect. haha

HELLO I'm pretty woman.

HELLO I'm pretty's boyfriend.

Hello I'm The Shrek's wife! HAHAHHAHHAHA
Ah Bee looking so funny! Maybe she hardly take ugly photo. HAHAHHAHAA

After dinner, we are back to the hotel for blowing cake session. haha.
A small cake from Bread Talk only. HAHA Because no one love to eat cake here. LOL
Plainly just for blowing session. 

My lovely babies.

Birthday kiss from my lovely babyboy.
Appreciate much for what you had done for me. Lovessss.

Be aware! Tons of camwhore pictures are loaded.
On the bed.

In front the mirror.

Doing big head effect.

Angelyne trying to be a sexy monster. LOL

Hello I got a big sexy mouth.

Peace or o0o?

Me trying to act cool. haha

Snake dance angelyne.

Ah bee sexy acting face. haha macam yes!

I don't let him to go to the bed. HAHAHHA
Sometimes I just like to bully him.. haha 

3 of my lovelies at Orchard Road the next day.

 Dragging the luggage bag everywhere for window shopping.

HOT STUFF HOT STUFF in Abercrombie & Fitch again! SO HOT!!!!

Look of the day. On the way to airport to fly back to Malaysia.

Babe's colorful sport shoes.

Acting stupid at public place again, as we are still in high school. HAHAHA
I think we scare away a lot of people. LOL

Okie, another stupid face of mine. Please don't be surprise.
This is my very own personality, I don't know why I like to act ugly. HAHA

Same goes to Angelyne too. Tons of stupid face of her with me. 

Only the Berry bee who had the forever glamour face. 
If you snap her ugly face or action, she will delete it immediately, very smart. -.-

So we decided to left bee alone, that's why we are sitting 3 together. HAHA
Just kidding. Is bee who act glamour sitting alone opposite us. Just kidding again. LOL

Ok, I'm finally done with my birthday blog post.
Thanks god for giving me such wonderful birthday with all my lovelies.
I'm gonna wait for my next year birthday again. LOL!