Wednesday 21 October 2015

Balmain x H&M preview

Ok... I think there are all made for me. Either go broke or die.. LOL I seriously in love with the so vintage yet so modern silhoutte from Balmain x H&M ! Every piece is a treasure! The super rich detail and craftsmanship are must-seen on Balmain x H&M. It's the signatures that made Balmain one of the most important luxury brand of the 21st century! Olivier Rousteing is brilliant as usual. Well tailoring , elaborate dresses, bring attitude to our everyday pieces! Mama, can you sponsor me the whole collection????

Well, I gotta say I'm so high and glad to attended to Balmain x H&M this afternoon at H&M showroom. Thanks for letting me tag along, mrbriansee! <3333

Stop the nonsense, let's the a closer look to those crazy pieces! 

First try of Balmain x H&M! Pick my all time favorite embellishment Velvet jacket! 
It cost RM1699! 0.0

 Bertrying-trying awesome pieces from Balmain HM! 
Me and Brian See am gonna broke soon. lol
On me (Silk dress RM599) On Brian See (Overall RM399)

Berposing posing with Cris Cherrie and Brian

Is that my back or Cris Yong's back? LOL

Hey sexy legendary Cris!

On sexy gal Cris ( Wool Blazer RM399) (Sandalettes RM599)

On possesses by Balmain x H&M Kittie. (Coat RM499) (Suede Bag RM799) (Sandalettes RM599)

Ok! Who's queuing on 5th November 2015?

I gotta start collecting donations.


Sunday 18 October 2015

I love my Melissa boots

If u seen my facebook/ instagram, you know I had own my first two pairs of  Melissa shoes in my life! I'm loving every part of them!  I don't know why but the scents smell so good, just like jelly! Maybe it's because of they made of patented plastic called Melflex. It helps to improve the flexibility and quality of PVC. (I just googled it LOL) NO WONDER LA IT IS SUPER COMFORTABLE TO WEAR!!! I NO KIDDING! 0.0 Also it is hypoallergenic, odourless and 100% recyclable. Ok, after know it is recyclable I think I will buy this shoes more in future! 

Let me introduce him first. I called him a "him"because he is cool and handsome haha.
His name - Melissa Stellar. It is not just a boot, it's a style icon! his sophisticate matte finish and shoelaces, two big hits for this winter. (faster book air ticket to winter country and wear) no la, I wore it almost everyday now cause it is too comfortable and it makes me taller with the heels wakakakaka...  The high heels and the tractor sole are a perfect match for those who are looking for comfort and sophistication and design. TRY IT!!!

Omaigaddd! The also have full white which it is a must to buy. All white is the trend now! 0.0

No lies! I've been wearing this pair everyday. It's too comfortable and it makes me looks taller. LOL
I think I gonna tall like the sky already. ( spring my legs kaokao haha)

Can U see ???? It's not only a comfortable pair but easy to mix and match too! <3

I'm a happy girl! I finally found my comfortable high heels boots! 
Heels is painful but I finally found the right one!

How about you??


Thursday 8 October 2015

THEFACESHOP - Oil Control Water Cushion

We all know that cushion foundation is the new thing in the beauty market. and I finally give a try on THEFACESHOP - OIL CONTROL WATER CUSHION! It's written all proof, Moist Cover + Fresh Fit + Long Lasting. Ok, So I had try it, love it and a must to intro to you. 

Cushion Foundation is a new innovative type of makeup product that contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using microfoam. It have sebum control, fresh coverage, clear moisture radiance, prevents makeup from sliding off. It cushion that delivers perfect makeup look from morning to the end.

Look at it's texture! So fine and moisture! 

Also, it can be refill! 

Feeling super moisture after applied! It is also very light and fresh! I can feel my makeup stay all day long!

This is me before I go out to work. every flaw is well covered. muahahaha

During lunch time, the weather is very hot i gotta change my clothes lol
(makeup still staying there but it's a bit oily already. but u can always use tissue and tap on your skin so the foundation still stay on your skin. ><)

Night time, makeup started to oxidise, but ok la.. makeup still there! haha
It stay at least 8 hours a day and I really love it!! Gonna stock up more of thefaceshop cushion foundation!!!!!! 

 From before to after, makeup played an important roll in my life.
Without a good base, my makeup won't stay fabulous all day long!

THEFACESHOP is the first Korea's cosmetic company committed to nature which
creates products from approximately 600 nature ingredients and received the First
class nature-friendly cosmetics entitlement by 2014 ASIA TOP BRAND.
THEFACESHOP Malaysia has 49 outlets throughout nationwide to serve your
everyday beauty needs.

Now, join THEFACESHOP oil zero challenge!!