Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Balenciaga - Simply Amazing

Simple amaze by Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear! Temporally and conceptually. Brilliant color matching. This time in vivid new colors: bombers in teal neoprene, jewel-tone jeans, and reversible leather-nylon jackets in contrast shades. Color blocking of a more direct variety appeared on cotton knits, laser-cut for added sharpness. These all are just so cool. And now you can get any look here and take on a bike ride to chase a girl! wuhoooo!!

Friday, 24 June 2011


Are you still breathing after you see this? Mugler Spring Summer 2012 is stunning! You definitely feel like you are flying in the aerospace without an air tank, like a heroic and muscular man now. Look at all the Greek gods, muscle-bound frat boys, tattooed punks, and sylph-ish male models all took their turn down the catwalk, often spattered in glitter. The first boy out sported a pair of  giant bronze IronMan arms. If I'm a boy, I am going to wear all these in the pictures and walk down the street. Woots!

Monday, 20 June 2011

A Dream of Last Night

A long stairs to go. And a door on the wall, with a distant from the stairs. And a devil.
What is all these about ? Maybe about a dream which is hard to pursue...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Resort 2012

10 of my favorite picks.


Giambattista Valli



 Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Proenza Schouler

 T by Alexander Wang


Donna Karan


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bali Day 2 ( The Ugliest 21st Birthday)

Haroooooooooooo.........Sorry, I'm late again for the Bali post! hahaahah Here we start again!=)))
Morning Bali! It's our 2nd day in Bali, woke up early this morning.. why? because it's water sports day!

Look at our huge amount of healthy breakfast! All fruits! Also, you can ask our chef to cook maggie goreng, fried egg, omelette egg, scramble egg etc. for you! SUPER NICE!!! SUPER AWESOME! This is what I want my life to be next time! all healthy fruits for breakfast are well prepared on the table! gosh.....

Teeheeeee..... Sun kiss my skin! muacks! Cam whore a little in the car.
 It took around 30mins - 1 hour to reach our destination where we play water sport.
Oh ya, we picked up by our guide...His name is BAGUS , a trustworthy, best rate offers guide.
his website : http://balivictorytour.com/ and facebook : http://www.facebook.com/balivictorytour

A short lame introduction about the water sports of the day..
you may choose not to watch.. hahah...don't beat me because I'm lame.. 
and sorry, my english not good, my chinese not good either..urgh~~~

Here we arrived the destination, Nusa Dua..Look of the day.. macam aunty. hahahaaaaa

 The beach.

First, you have to sit down and look at the water sport menu and choose which ones you want to play. 
Of course, you need to pay first before u start. 
So we had chosen seawalker, para-sailing, flying fish, and banana boat=)

Here we start with the sea walk. A group shoot after changing. all looking smart huh?=)

Waiting to be throw into the sea. aaawwww~~ can't wait!

A short clips in the sea=)))


 Here we are in the sea..what we do in there..??
Basically, we just feed those fish with bread..
and walk around the sea..looks kinda relax right? no, it isn't..
Because that freaking big oxygen mask is killing me! so heavy!!!!!!!!!
I can't even stand properly!!! and your ears are so painful with those pressure!!
But worth it, because i get to take picture in the sea! muahahhahahaha!
and also molesting those fish!! so funnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, we were separated into two groups... 
Because they won't let so much people walk into the sea, 
due to they have not enough people to take care of you!!
 You need to learn some hand language before you go down, if not, u may die....
Cause you can't talk at all...........nobody will hear you when u feeling not well..

Cam whore a little with sookyee(the transformer) after the sea walk, muahahhaha
while waiting another group of friends to finish their sea walk too..

And then this ice-cream men is so annoying while we are relaxing, 
because he keep asking you to buy ice cream.. 
but we don't want.. so i asked him to stand there, and i shoot him.. hahhaha
after that he went off.. lol.. very lame!

All my loves! I heart them alot! 

After that, we took the boat to another island to play para-sailing! Yeah!

Two "Diva" applying sunblock like the sunblock is free!!! woots! 
Sook, Peiyee, Chow Bb
I love this picture! look at Pei Yee's face! hahahahah 
those wind blow on her face is not sexy at all.. hahahha FAILED!

Me and my boyfriend =)


I'm the 1st one to play!!! yeahooo~~~

Look at how blue and sunny is the sky! That's so relaxing when you are up there!
Fun like............... ermmm.. i don't know.. haha
Too bad, the sea view is not as nice as I expected! Because the sea is polluted!!!
People, please save our beautiful view and environment!!

Feeling freaking awkward because there are a bunch of guys down there waiting to catch your legs!

Waiting others to finish up..

Parasailing video clips! Be prepare to watch Brian in 02:10.. i found he was so funny when he is flying up there! hahhahahahhahahaha

My annoying lou po! 

Group picture without Rin and Syahmi,
both of them don't want to play this..
one lazy, one got skin infection....too bad=(

Me and Hafiz..

Back to play banana boat! yeah!!!!

guy staring at sook 1
guy staring at sook 2
Obviously, this guy fall in love on Sook! How sweet!!=)))
Hafiz posing! peace yo!

Me and my beloved

Okay, here is the only new thing you have to try out!
flying fish! 

hold tight and turbo is on!!! like a Ferrari! hahhaa

Then you are up to the sky! like how people playing a kite, and you are actually on the kite! 
How fun right!??!?!?!

Here we end our water-sports.. with a CD that full of memories..  

Wait.. the day is not done yet! There are something much more important! which is my birthday celebration count down! So we hunt for my birthday cake at Seminyak.. Can't find at all! so sad.. So i bought myself a chocolate brownies in a random supermarket and 2packs of candle.. to light up my 21st birthday! 

It was 5pm after water sport, and we are so freaking hungry and tired.. 
but we don't get out lunch or dinner immediately.. because our chef is going to cook a big meal for us tonight! 
To celebrate my birthday! so we insist not to eat any meal before our dinner come.

But we can't stand it, we finally found this skooby stall to eat up some burgers! 

The forever lonely single men Brian.. hahah

Here he found his love, Skooby burger!

Look how enjoy he is! 

My epic face taken by my boyfriend. Lol
The burger is so hot until my face is running out of expression!

Another lonely men on the street=(

My lou po and I.. kiss kiss muacks muacks! 

Then, we are back to our Villa Nani, to have our awesome dinner!!!
Look!! i know it just a common dishes! but trust me, these dishes is freaking awesome!!! 
I miss it so much!!!!!!!! Thanks to our chef! He is really handsome! Show you in the next post!Not now not now! muahahhaha

After the dinner session, we start our ugly make up party! to count down my birthday's eve!!!=)))

Ok, here comes the winner of the beauty for the night!
Very simple make up, but with the most funny look! clapssss!!!

the drunk ass, abang Syahmi! 
Another winner of the night! laugh till pants drop...

The Japanese doll, Rin's Casper!
very cute!!=)

The pimple man, Brian Thau Thau! 

The old man with 6 packs,Chow Bb!

The Joker, Hafiz!

The slut with big mold for the night, Pei yee!!!!!!

The lovely ugly gang! muacks!

Ugly people enjoying dancing... 

Ugly people partying and feeling pretty~ hahhhahaha

We rocks!!!

The blind people wannabe!

Basically, we did nothing much that night, just playing some cards and drinking game while waiting for my 21st birthday to arrive.. haha But looking at these ugly poeple playing card games is makes me so happy, and the laughter is always bright!=) here is the video, another lame video, you may choose not to watch too.. hahaha

Oh ya, Sook is drunk and started to sing!!! Look at this video:
hahhahahhahahhahhahahah seriously, ghost sings better than her!

getting high at the dance floor! wuhooo~~


12am is here! and here i light up my brownies cake. Can't get a nice cake there. sorry. haha 

end with Big hugs from everyone! Love you all!!! 
Thanks for being with me on my great 21st birthday!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Big kiss to u all!!!!

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to myself again! =)
I wish everything and everyone in my life are all well! 
God bless always!