Wednesday, 27 November 2013

X'perience Paris Fashion - Esmod KL

Hello it's time to X'perience Paris Fashion in conjunction with Esmod KL One Year Anniversary! So happy to get invited to their celebration!! It was held on the 23rd of November, last Saturday at Pavillion main concourse. There were so many activities going on that day!

As you know, Esmod is originally from Paris with a history of more than 107 years. This is one of the picture I took in Esmod Paris few months ago. Their hall roof top! Everything looks so beautifully made! <3 So, what are we still waiting? Since Esmod KL is in our town now, take the great opportunity to experience the same thing in Paris!!! 

Muscular Gold Mime on that day! 0.0

Talented artist drawing! 

The very well decoration in Pavillion! Christmas is coming! is coming!!!!!!!

Bumped into all these very cute bloggers. haha
Lumi, Povy and Jessica!!

Me and Keith Chee. 

Randomly taking my fat thighs shots.  lol

Opening ceremony.

Bumped into the beautiful Ai Leng and Handsome Albert Nico. 

All the VIPs!

Is snowing!!!!!!! Can you see can you see?!?!??!?!?

The show has started!!

Spotted very cute and fashionable xiao mei mei haha so cute!

The long awaited fashion show!! Let's the pictures do the speaking!!

Great show presented by Esmod KL! Love all the simply amazing outfits!

Finale.. Spotted my beautiful model, Inna Gorelli looking at me haha in white wan!

Photo by Lumi.

Group shot!!! Thanks to all the people who contribute to Esmod all this while!!

We are then invited to The Bedroom, Pavillion to have afternoon tea party! :-) 

Spot my signature!!!! 

Showcasing all the talented student's masterpiece!!

Vince from The One! :-)

with Jim.

Poh Nee from Vivi! 

Had so much food there!! So satisfying!!! 

Last camwhore of the day! Lol
Keith trying to join us too >.<

What are you still thinking? Come join Esmod KL as part of your family to fulfill your design dreams!

For more details, please contact:
counselors: 03-56375510

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