Friday, 28 September 2012

Sipadan Mabul Island.

Thanks to my babe Brian, I got a chance to go to Sipadan Island for 3 days trip. =)) Anyway, this happened 2 months ago..haha..Late post again.. This time I am really really busy with my MIFA collection, which is a fashion competition which is coming real soon! Wish me luck! 
Here I start my trip! The jetty where all the boats pick up tourists to the island. There is no way you can get there by taking airplane. and it takes 30 minutes boat to that island from Tawau.

The jetty view, all boats are started with the name "lady"..

My boss.. Looking fierce..
Better not mess up with him..he bites! HAHA
anyway, he's a real nice guy! my sister! =) say hi!!! 

Boss's sunglasses! Looking far to the trip.

Let's go!


YEAH!!!!! WE ARE HERE! I don't know why chow showing his sad mouth. -.-

Totally amaze by the view! O.O

There's one traditional village opposite our village too.
I don't know why, but a lot of sexy western man and woman are over there. O.O 

Look how clear is the sea water!!!
Looking close, everything inside is those tiny sea creatures. SO CUTE!!!!

Unexpected, they are a lot of children beggars on the sea..
They actually came from the opposite side of small village.

They look really pity. Everyday rolling their boat and ask for money from the tourist.
But I actually saw them playing happily on the water too =)) I think they're really fine! =)

Love this photo taken with my ipad. =)

After the beautiful view, we are back to our room... 
3 single beds for us =)

Another view of the room.

The living room.

The balcony.. After settle down everything. They two just don't bother me anymore.
Lying down and enjoying the sunlight. Actually not, they hide under the shades. -.-

The view from our balcony.. We are surrounding by water. JUST WATER!
Totally my heaven! Love it so much!!!

Can you feel how excited was I? Ggggrrr!
In front of us is a long bridge to another villa.. it looks nice too! 
Maybe I should try next time! =)

Another view. I die.......

Saw some fishes swimming under our room..

The star fish.

Me too chill for awhile before heading to snorkeling around our village.

Showing off my new swimsuit! it!

Head to our happy dive! But we came late, we only dive for like 30minutes. lol

Three of us posing in the water.
What's Chow trying to do? HAAHA

Me and my baby Chow.

The single man pose.. peaceeeeeeee! Lol

I want one too! hehe..

PEACE in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Chilling on the water.. Weeeee!!

Watching sunset on the water. Feeling so great!!!

Dinner time!!!

The food seems making me sad here. haha
But yes, it was "ok"... Because we don't have any choice more. 
There's the only one buffet restaurant for you to have your meal.

After the dinner, we climb up to this sky-viewing tower.
I wanted to show everyone that the night sky with full of stars are so damn freaking amazing beautiful!
Unfortunately we can't take it using our own camera, it was all black in our picture. =(

Is ok. I took picture from google. It was exactly like this!! The sky is killing me softly seriously..
After this night, we can't see any nice sky anymore I think is due to too much cloud on the sky. =(
But still I'm feeling lucky to see it on the first night =)

The next morning we took a motorboat to another small island for snorkeling.
It looks really shallow but it's actually very deep O.O
I'm so excited because this is my first snorkeling! =))) Love the sea so much!!!

My very first time looking into the deep sea. Extremely happy seeing it! O.o

Thanks that I actually bought a waterproof camera for this trip!
so I can show how nice is the sea to my readers =)

Hello sea creatures!! Mama is here to see you all...! =))

Me and Mr. Brian. Chow didn't snorkel with us because he is having a fever. too bad =( 
But he is a photographer of us on the boat! =)

Chow captured a bunch of dead body on the sea. haha

Not forget to say cheese to the camera is me. Lol

Brian? I don't know.

Styling his hair even under the sea. haha...
 Showing his handsome face to the fishes and say HI SEXY DORY FISH! LOL

Actually took me damn a long time to take this star fish picture and I almost lost from the gang.
I found it unique because of the pattern lol.

Looks like I'm just survive from taking the starfish. not me..I captured a sweet couple picture under the sea. Such nice body of her O.o

On the boat after the snorkel. Looking like a Arabian with smile.. Teehhheeee =)

Lunchieee time! =)

Relaxing massage is a must for a vacation! =)

Finally spotted some yummy western woman and man. HAHA
This is how a vacation should looks like. 

After awhile me and Chow took our time on this glass rafting =) 
It is cool! 

Look how cool it is! You can see everything in the sea when you're rafting!

Ok, we're actually not allow to raft until our own room..
Urgh! Just ignore it! because no one see! HAHA

A camwhore with the Babe B who rest and lazing around in the room. 

Say BYE babe B!!!

Oh ya! I actually hang my camera in the sea and took this video..
Have a look in the shallow sea =) and me saying hello at the end from bottom of the glass boat.. HAHA

Our last dinner =( But it was the greatest! Maybe they know we are going back tomorrow. LOL
Much more nicer food to eat hehe



The looking sad sunset =(