Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hearts in Paris

It was the most beautiful trip that i had visited so far! It took my breath away whenever I look back at all my pictures that were taken in Paris. Every pieces was so memorable. Everything started fast and ended pretty fast too, only lasted for a week. It was a sudden plan to surprise my babe Sasha in Paris specially for his birthday on December! Pack my bag, and the journey started! 

Always in love with the sunlight in Paris, so warm with the chilling weather! 

The first breakfast:

Christian Louboutin gold studded men's shoes

The Louvre.

Love padlocks on the bridge.

The real big church at Notre Dame.

 The playground

winter is on its way... 

Babe's 21st birthday dinner at Eiffel tower.

The lovely gang! hearts them!

 The starter, main course and dessert:
norwegian smoked salmon vegetable tar tare

cream of leek and potatoes with chestnuts bits

pan seared John Dory fillet, celery and tomato confit 

Seared salmon, butternut squash with rosemary

Braised veal, seasonal vegetables, stew sauce

Roasted chicken breast, slasifis and mushrooms, foie grass, sauce.

The 58's Mont Blanc

Selection of aged French cheeses

Profiterole with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce

The amazing Eiffel tower view from the bottom! 

The birthday boy! Happy 21st Birthday again babe!!!

The underground train station

The Vietnam meal for another breakfast.

Rabbit and leopard

She ain't a doll.

Big doll of the church

the sky that full of birds...

both my leopard babe!

Sacre Coeur

The view that deeply touching my heart. It was so beautiful that I can't explain! 
Especially when everybody is singing with the street performance there! 

The crowd on top of the hill.

High tea at Laduree.

Lafayette the shopping place.

Fancy prints for Disneyland day!

It was a beautiful blueish sky!

The meal..

Sunlight again.

The big skull rock

The plant of winter.

Disney characters on the roadshow!!

A piece of Disney's drawing

Another morning...

Open Tour bus..

with my lover.

Mussels meal.

Louboutin, B???, Louboutin.

Happy 3 friends walking under the rain

Trying to queue into the Abercrombie & Fitch at Champs Elysees

I'm a happy girl

A kiss for the lover, muacks!

The romantic raining night.

 French food for another dinner.

preparing babe's photo shoot for his assignment

Behind the scene.

A very simple and short post this time. Hopefully pictures speak a thousand words to you!=) I will definitely visit euro country again! Because I am deeply fell in love with the environment in euro! Let me go back to you again babe! end here! xoxo!