Monday, 13 July 2015

Shu Uemura 3D Brow Styling

I think most of the Asians have the problem of lacking on eye browsssss... That's why people often go for eyebrows tattoo.. For me, I won't go for eyebrow tattoo due to I like giving myself different types of browssss! Different eyebrows giving me different styles with my daily wear! Embrace your brows! In this hot hot season, Shu Uemura presenting you 3D Brow Styling, let your brow define your style! I had tried all the recommended look from this collection and I love all of it as it gave me different characteristics! Proudly presenting you how I define my style with these 4 different makeup along with 4 amazing bridal wear collection :)

Before that, let Shu teach you how to master your 3D brows! 

step 1: shade the area to recreate a natural shadow on skin, as if created by natural hair 
step 2: draw individual brow hair to define brows; precisely draw brow hairs one by one to shape and fill gaps between each hair 
step 3: choose a color to match the hair color. Adjusting the impression is key for new look.


Sharp brows with Celest Thoi gorgeous lace dress giving a touch of contrast of the whole looK! 

Sweet brows with Celest Thoi's romantic bridal dress.

Glamorous brows with Dominique Chan's glamorous bridal wear.

Natural brows being naughty with colorful makeup and Amber Sze playful wedding dress! 

Are you beginner or professional? Pick your eyebrow products now to define your style! 

Lastly, let me say thanks to my team who giving me such beautiful makeup, hairstyle, and pictures!

makeup artist: Cole.T
Hairstylist: Keithstyling

Wish you all a happy brow month!