Saturday, 28 March 2015

7 kickass ways to eat potato crisps

Potato chips are one of the all time snacks that every family should have. It can be served to guests or even to stop a crying child in the house. I actually don't eat much snack because I think snacks are too oily and causes me headache most of the time. 

But there's always an exception. 

If you think eating potato chips is boring, here are 7 kick ass ways to eat them to make your life even more exciting! HAHA

1. Roll it into your California Roll!!
Taste with the sushi rice and vege... SO YUM!!!

2. Serve your guests with potato chips sushi! 
suggest to eat asap if not no more crunchy crunchy o!

Seeing me eat, i'm sure you feel like eating too HAHA

3. Prank your friend with potato chips served with wasabi! AHHA
ask him to close his eyes and tell him you have something nice for him to eat! 

Ouchhhhh it seems so spicyyyyyyy.. I'm sorry but I'm satisfied to prank you HAHHAHAHA

4. Challenge your friend to how many pieces of chips they can eat at once.
suggest to insert all flavours at once so it taste more exciting!

5. Use your chips as a spoon for ice cream!
It is fun and your ice cream taste better with some crunchiness.

 mmmmmm nom nom nom

6.  Play "food face challenge" with your friends!
It's so funny when you put the chips on your friend's forehead and see their stupid expression trying to move the chips to the mouth! HAHA TRY IT!!!

7. Dress yourself up and watch your prince charming in your favourite drama!
How relaxing! It's like eating potato chips with your prince! HAHA


That's all I can think of how to eat potato chips in kick ass ways!
Do you think you can think of any way better than me? TELL ME!!!

Just so you know, the potato chips I'm currently munching now is Perfecto. It uses natural ingredients and different from other brands, there is more garnishing on top. There are 3 different flavours which is Sour Cream & Chives, Chilli & Spice Infusion, Natural Sea Salt! Love all of them!!

mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom 

check out more of Perfecto here:


Mulberry Love Craft Event

OHMAIGADDDD! I enjoy this event so much because I love DIY! So glad to be invited to join Mulberry Love Craft workshop! We all get to make our own Mulberry bracelet! We are all excited peeps during our knock knock knock session with hammer and leather >< If you wonder what are we knocking... yea, we are using the hammer to engrave our own name on the leather bracelet. Indeed a fun fun afternoon at Mulberry flagship store in Pavillion! I'm a happy kid! 

If you are a fan of Mulberry, you must know that Mulberry is a well known leather goods internationally. The craftsmanship of Mulberry bags are one of the reason why consumers are using them for yearssss! The leather are always one of their selling point due to the exclusive cow leather.
That's why I'm so excited to smell the leather at the workshop!!

The welcoming deco is so lovely!! LUBS!!!

This time I brought Uncle and my BF with me. You must be feeling surprised my bf is here with me cause he don't usually follow me to events. There's always exception, because he is a Mulberry fan!!!

Important agreement to sign before the workshop start.

I gonna start knocking!

So I pick the red bracelet!
To do the DIY, you only need a wood board, metal blocks with alphabets, leather and hammer! Very easy and fun! Picture showing me practising on hammering alphabet on another piece of leather before we start on the actual bracelet! :)
Same table with Adrian and Ming!

Knock Knock Knock! 

The BF have always been a fan of Mulberry so you can see how serious he is doing it LOL

ok, After 30 minutes, I done knocking my own name. Looks like kids work HAHAHHA

Then I have a walk around the store, so happy that I could try on and smell all the leather bags lol

Me and Cherrie in Dude and Duchess outfits!

We love the deco a lot! <3

Trying on the Cara Delevingne Quilted Nappa backpack!
I LIKE!!!!!! 

See me happily smile with double chinssssss

I'm super impressed by this bag named Silky Snake! It is reversible!!!
From Midnight black to sky blue.. OH GOSH! Can bring to two different occasions!

You see you see!!!!!!!!! 0.0

Mummy I want this, can or not.....

Obviously, we were very enjoyable at the workshop!!
Thanks Mulberry for the awesome Craft event again!


Friday, 27 March 2015

Raffles KL 33rd Graduation Fashion Show [BEGIN]

So i went to shit again because whenever I 'm nervous I will definitely go to the toilet>< It was my first time being a judge and I'm super excited and nervous at the same time! I thought only graduating students will get nervous but somehow I am too >< I think because there's actually a big responsibilities on me. The feeling is so hard to describe, I used to be a student feeling so stressed with my mini collection and dealing with scary judges. Then, I'm wondering when I could only be a judge to scare people??? No la.. of course I won't scare ppl laaa >< Somehow, my wish came true! Out of the sudden, I feel so old. I am finally sitting at the judges seat after 5 years leaving college T.T But overall, I'm excited! LOL Enough talking about my feeling. you must thinking that I'm like giving a winning award speech now. Sorry I just wan to express myself >< 

Back to the topic, so it was Raffles KL 33rd Graduation Fashion Show happened at Marriot Hotel last night. The theme for this graduation is BEGIN. After graduation, it's all about Rebirth, Renewal and Regrowth. There were 20 fashion students showcasing their collection this time around. I think everyone is really unique at their own because I really see their efforts during pre judge and show! GOOD JOB! Was so glad and honoured to be one of the judge along with Designer Justin Yap and Photographer Chuan Looi. Overwhelming feeling really! I really wanna say, THANKS FOR HAVING ME! 

Long gas cut short. See the show now:

Sorry for the not so professional photos >< too shaky

Vency Tew - Impressionism

Personally love this collection because it was all painting! LUB LUB!!

Caren Chan - Rhythme
Love this too! You know i love coloursssss ><

Omitted Possession by sexy lady Chloe Lee

Hui Ling - Pride Of Palace 
Indeed an elegant collection!

 Diana Ruslan - RORSCHACH

 Khaw Woei Shin - AGONY

Qamarina - PAROTIA
very impress with her workmanship 0.0

Nabil - Disturbed
2nd runner up of the night! Everyone's love!

Sylvia - Recognizer

 Chui Teng - Scarlet Novella

Lim Yee Won - CORE
 A close call to winning! >< Love this collection too!

 Karen Tan - Chandelier

 Kelvin Tan - METAL

Michelle Lau - IVY
HEY GIRLL!!! Are these clothes available in store already??? It looks so well made!

Winner of the night!

 1st runner up 
Serene Foo - Replicated Reflection

VERY SMART PRINTS and colors played! <3

Ai Lynn - Fearless

 Trifena - GLAMOUR

 Suka ini!


 SIm Yun Yi - Pastoral Tribe

 Estee Chan - Liberte

Congrats everyone for doing a good show! SOrry if some of you not in here cause I went to pee ><

Taking credits from Principle David Liew. shy shy! HAHA

 again! Honour to be judge with Chuan Looi and Justin Yap!

Lecturer KarJuen who work so hard behind all these amazing shows!

Uncle Cole again.

Leng Lui Daniel Lim

Justin Yap called her Tongueinchic girl AHHA

DO RE MI FA SOOOOOOOO with my year 2010 raffles classmate haha

with my 2 slutssss LUBLUB! 

Ready to go hoi gong ahhahaha

 COngrats to all winners!!! You all did best tonight!!!!!!

Thanks to the scary guy behind (JONATHANLIANG) for dressing me up tonight too!!