Friday, 23 September 2016


Don't be jealous because I have many yakults in my house. One of the best drink for me to avoid constipation. (blogging while drinking yakult again)
Born in 1935 in Japan from the research of a doctor, Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic drink. Today, science and research remains the basis of their business. As the world pioneer in the field of probiotics research, they have expanded their portfolio to include a range of consumer, skincare and pharmaceutical products in Japan.

This blue bottle is my favorite as it has less sugar. FYI, even the regular red cap bottle Yakult has only 62 kcal – same as one apple so no worries about gaining weight la seriously.

Yakult contains high quality live culture "Shirota Strain" Imported from Japan and other best quality ingredients from across the globe. In addition, it is produced in a modern factory using high technology. This is why the price of Yakult is slightly higher compared to other drinks.

Although the Yakult bottle is quite small but it is sufficient for an optimum effect in a day. What is important is not the volume of the drink. but the sufficient number of live Shirota Strain to provide health benefits. Yakult is not a thirst-quencher, it is a health drink.

To serve as a healthy drink for daily consumption, Yakult does not contain any artificial colorings and only come in citrus flavor. We should drink Yakult and not just for the taste, but also to maintain our health.

Wonder what's the function of Shirota Strain? 

- It improve bowel movement 
-Maintain balance of good and bad bacteria.
- Reduce toxins in our body. 
-Boost immune system

If you want more healthy drinks like this, Y
akult is organizing "Jom ke Jepun Bersama Yakult"!
Contest start from 28th August - 15th October :)
All you need to do is just download the contest form at their website
and mail Yakult packaging to the organizers.

Besides the healthy benefits of Yakult, you are going to stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of 5 days 4 nights for 3 families (3 persons) at Japan trip with Yakult Ambassadors, Schawalara and Nona TV3 crew!

Yakult is never stingy when come to prizes!

First prize:
Ipad Mini 4

Second prize:
Shopping voucher

Assortment of Yakult merchandise will be given for every purchase of 100 bottles

For more info of the contest, check it out here!

Do it before it is too late!
( Caught my friend stealing my Yakult! )