Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Miracol 9

If you follow me on my facebook, I got my first ever supplement in my life. haha Is time to take care of my body from inside out.. because I'm in my quarter century years old now.. lolll As usual, skin problem. women have never ending skin problem especially me, because I was born with pimple, oily and white head skin (cry for my entire teenage life T.T) 

Besides the daily facial maintenance, I need to eat clean to keep away from skin breaking up. 
Thank God I found this, Miracol9. Not sure if you heard of this before but this thing definitely works effectively on me! Miracol9 is a miracle drinks for beauty, health and wellness. It is 100% Halal supplement and most of the contain are from plants! 

In case you don't know, Miracol 9 is the 1st in market with 3 distinctive keys of anti-aging formula! 
Rose placenta + marine collagen + Apple stem cells + grape stem cells + citrus fruits extract. These are all we wanted for our cells! Cells damage is the major problem leading to skin aging. If you don't take care of your skin well you gonna have dryness and itchiness which cause your skin look so so old! 0.0 Omaigad I'm worried!! 

I had tried Miracol 9 for a month , I believe it is actually heal my skin problem.  Now see before and after I started drinking Miracol 9.

My skin was always oily and you can use them to fried your egg. JK
I never wanted to go out without my makeup because I looked like a sick person on the street.
No matter how much powder I apply on my skin, it will still looks oily and uneven. 

Picture shown me before drinking Miracol. Oily as usual. Skin feeling tired as usual.
My makeup never stay for long!

Oily and big pores, that's best describing me! 

This is why I never stop editing my skin to be better and post on my social media sites.
Roll eyes.....

It is a drink that comes with powder in a sachet. 

1 box comes with 15 sachets. Very easy to use and very effective!
open it, pour in and fill up with 200ml of water.  Of course it taste very good too!
I drink them every morning right after I woke up with my empty stomach. (this is for better results)

Not only it is easy to be drank at home, but you can actually bring those sachets with you when you are travelling. 

After 2 weeks of consuming, I can see my skin start to glow and less oily. 
I never feel tired easily for my skin. I feel so great!

Me after 3 weeks of consuming. I started to believe myself I can actually go out without makeup.
Butttt... I need to makeup for my daily life as I have a lot meeting going on. So don't ask me stop makeup so my skin will heal. I can't ! I need to work. 

My skin definitely looks smoother than before and the makeup stay on my skin all day long!

Now I'm in Taiwan for my travel and work trip, I still bring them along with me.
Due to sleepless night that always hits me, Miracol 9 is my best solution for my skin to keep energetic all day long. To meet client, to take pretty picture of myself . hehe

I'm sure Miracol 9 had helped me a lot, I'm gonna continue to drink and looking forward for a better result of my skin !

Please stay tuned for my post after few months of consumption!

For more information of Miracol 9, don't forget to click in here:

You can also buy them online!!


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Han Yin said...

Hi my skin oso oily n big pores. Tried this Miracol but no effect. Disappointed!